Organizational Structure
Committee Chairman: President
Executive Secretary Vice-Chairman: Vice-President
  • Administration
    • Academic Affairs -
      General Education Center
    • General Affairs -
      Environmental Security Center
    • Information Center
    • Secretariat
  • Academic Units
    • Environmental Education Research Center
    • Chemistry Department
    • Mechatronic Technology Department
    • Department of Health Education
    • Department of Civil Education and Leadership
  • Student Representatives
    • Student Council -
      Hsieh Hui-ting, Department of Life Science
    • Representative from Student rganizations -
      Wan Tzu-yun, Chemistry Department
  • Scholars and Experts (Arranged according to number of strokes of surname)
    • Prof. Wang Chun-hsiu
      Graduate School of Sociology, National Ching Hwa University; Chairman, Taiwan Environmental Protection Union
    • Niven Huang, Secretary
      General, Business Council for Sustainable Development
    • Prof. Chang Tzu-ch’ao
      NTNU Graduate Institute of Environmental Education; Executive Secretary—Ministry of Education Environmental Protection Committee
    • Prof. Yeh Hsin-cheng
      NTNU Graduate Institute of Environmental Education; Executive Yuan Environmental Protection Administration Vice Director