Establishment Guidelines
  • Article 1.>
    • To implement goals of a green university and the building of a sustainable campus adjusted to climate changes, the National Taiwan Normal University Green University Committee (hereinafter referred to as “This Committee”) is hereby established along with these pointers.
  • Article 2.>
    • This committee shall have the following missions :
      1. (1) The three campuses shall be built as a campus with humanistic-artistic, green ecology and international features.
      2. (2) The identification and upkeep of campus historical buildings and relics, documentation of former residences of important university personalities, as well as the installation of relevant database.
      3. (3) The establishment of a roadmap towards a nniversity museum.
      4. (4) The building of the university as a community, and the community as a campus.
      5. (5) The creation of the university as a core community living space.
      6. (6) The promotion of partnerships with international green universities.
      7. (7) The building of an ecological green environment on NTNU and its creation as a sustainable-development campus.
      8. (8) The development of campus infrastructure that meets green building standards.
  • Article 3.>
    • This committee shall have 25 to 33 members, to come from the university’s administrative and academic units, student organizations and representatives from experts, as well as scholars related to green universities. The university president and vice president shall serve as committee chairman and vice-chairman respectively. The university executive secretary shall be the committee’s executive secretary.
  • Article 4.>
    • Members of the committee shall form mission-type groups and shall have tenures of two years of unremunerated service. In case of change of office or absence for any reason, they shall be replaced by new appointees or their substitutes shall be designated by the university president.
  • Article 5.>
    • The chairman shall supervise the operations of the committee, with assistance from the vice-chairman. The executive secretary shall serve as the committee's spokesperson.
  • Article 6.>
    • This committee shall meet at least once a month, to be called by the president. In case of a major incident or when proposed by at least five members, the chairman shall convoke a temporary meeting.
  • Article 7.>
    • Day-to-day operations of this committee shall be handled by the secretariat, with all expenditures to be shouldered by the university.
  • Article 8.>
    • These guidelines shall be implemented after approval by the university president. The same shall apply in case of revisions.